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Little Man borrows space for non-exhibitions - exhibitions that are installed, documented and taken down in a single day without ever opening to the public. They can only be viewed through this website and on Instagram at @littlemangallery.

Little Man allows artists and curators to develop their practice in an exhibition context without burdening themselves with the logistics of accessing and opening spaces, or the unnecessary social pressures common to artist-led activity.

Engaging with art online is now common practice. We view exhibitions on the internet that we will never visit, and many artists find their most engaged and supportive audience in their social media following. Little Man is a part of this network.

Projects are selected through an ongoing open call - please read our submission guidelines.

As we are a new project, there is no history or credibility for funding. Until we reach that point, practitioners will have to decide to work with us for free - please bear this in mind when sending in applications. We offer apologies and gratitude to everyone who chooses to exhibit with us in the meantime.

Little Man is based in Liverpool and run by Gabrielle de la Puente and Michael Lacey.