little man

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  • Exhibition proposals from individual artists, curators or groups can be sent to 
  • Little Man exhibitions are held in physical spaces - if you are submitting digital images or videos, consider how they will be displayed.
  • Little Man is based in Liverpool, and your proposal should consider the practicalities of transporting the work here. Please contact us if this is prohibitive, as we are sometimes able to photograph exhibitions in other locations.
  • Exhibition proposals do not need to be overly long or formal, but should include the following: 
    • A brief explanation of your project and who is involved
    • Some images of your work (no more than ten)
  • Spaces and exhibitions will be matched through discussions with submitting artists and our partner organisations. Suggestions for unusual locations welcome.
  • We are also keen to hear from galleries and other organisations that are able to lend us space for exhibitions. All Little Man shows are installed, photographed and removed in one day.